Statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources on Incorrect Statements Attributed to the Minister Dr. Hassan Janabi

Baghdad, February 18

          On Sunday, 18th February 2018, some media reported a piece of news that had no truth in it attributed to the Minister of Water Resources Dr. Hassan Janabi as saying that Iraq has persuaded the Turkish government through diplomatic negotiations to postpone the construction of dams for the coming period. While the Ministry of Water Resources denies this statement which is attributed to the minister concerning the water relationship with the neighboring Turkey, which was broadcast by "Al-Hurra" channel and was quoted by other media, it requests the media to be accurate in transmitting the news and information about the Ministry of Water Resources and to be taken directly from it  to investigate the integrity of the news.

            The Ministry of Water Resources takes this opportunity to stress that Iraq is keen to maintain cooperation with the neighboring countries including Turkey in order to achieve mutual benefit for all the riparian countries on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers through fair and reasonable use and based on the principle of avoiding harm to any party.

            The Ministry of Water Resources, noting the responsibility placed on the media to convey a true scene, especially on issues affecting the life of Iraqi citizens, asserting that the doors are open to the media in their quest for truth and accurate information.